1 hour + 30 minutes
Warm Shea Jojoba Infusion of Comfrey, Marshmallow, Arnica, Turmeric, & Lemon Balm • Rhythmic Massage Flow • Abdominal Massage • Marma Facial Release • Neck & Shoulder Effleurage • Neem Oil Hair & Scalp Treatment • The Divine Eco Service*
Our most quintessential treatment, Abhyummy is a living expression of our holistic ethos at Earthbody. Experience the healing powers of Ayurveda as you undergo this deeply therapeutic session. Inspired by the classic Abhyanga, also known as Ayurvedic massage, Abhyummy is a full body rhythmic massage of warm shea butter infused in organic herbs to mend, calm, and nurture your natural state of being. Be drenched in botanical oils from head to toe. Stimulate your digestive fire with a nourishing abdominal massage. Balance your inner state as steaming towels are draped over your body. Restore harmony with effleurage of the neck and shoulders. Touch into peace as a warm oil head massage nourishes from within. Feel the soothing touch of marma facial release ~ a method in Ayurveda to unite breath with pulse. Well suited for times when you feel worn down by city living, this all-encompassing ritual transports you to the days of temple life, when the body was considered a bridge to the godly. Feel supple once again. Entice the deity within.


1 hour + 45 minutes
Organic Facial • Back Massage • Foot Therapy with Raw Shea • Hand & Arm Rejuvenation • Décolleté Nourishment • The Divine Eco Service*
Unite body and mind with a complete facial and massage in one. Begin your treatment with a gentle rocking along your spine to unwind. Let go of all that ails you as your therapist begins a restorative back massage. Ground again as hot towels embrace each foot. Drop further into bliss as you experience a thorough massage of the feet. Transition effortlessly into a deep facial cleanse of hand-blended organic skincare products chosen specifically for your type. Our facial includes a double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extraction, mask, serum, and massage. Feel the benefits of a therapeutic massage of the arms, hands, and décolleté, as your facial mask works deep into your skin. Enter a blessed state free of dualistic thoughts. Become whole and nimble as you experience the best of both worlds.

Warm Earth

1 hour + 45 minutes
Basalt Stones • Warm Sesame Oil Massage • Acupressure • Marma Facial Release • Neem Oil Hair & Scalp Treatment • Rosemary Head Wrap • The Divine Eco Service*
Return to the womb and experience this deeply grounding solitary ritual. Begin with warm basalt stones placed with precision along the spine. Be enveloped by a layer of warm coconut oil. A slow, deliberate massage from the ground up reconnects you to your basic nature, and with it a sense of openness and harmony with all that is. Let your mind fall open with marma facial release ~ a method in Ayurveda to unite breath with pulse. Nourish your hair and scalp with a warm neem oil head massage to return luster and appease insomnia. Ideally suited to support and calm those who feel disconnected, restless, or anxious. A crown of herbal oils with a rosemary-infused head wrap completes you.

Goddess Treatment

2 hours + 30 minutes
Rose Foot Soak & Massage • Exfoliating Body Brush • Linden Berry & Neroli Oil Massage • Vedic Face Treatment • Neem Oil Hair & Scalp Treatment • The Divine Eco Service*
An exclusive treatment made for the queen, bride, or princess, this decadent five-part ritual journeys from the soles of the feet to the crown of the head. Begin by soaking your feet in a basin filled with whole, fresh rose petals and salts. Recline in a Turkish robe while your healer performs a cleansing massage of the lower legs. Float to a warm table for a dry body exfoliation. Be anointed in notes of jasmine and holy flowers with our very own organic body oil, which is infused for twenty-one days. All is in harmony as the Vedic face treatment returns luster to your skin and peace to your mind. This divine rite of passage comes to fruition with a scalp treatment of warm oil, medicinal herbs, and a rosemary head wrap.

Hero's Journey

2 hours + 30 minutes
Herbal Foot Bath & Massage • Full Body Jute Brush • Balsam Peru & Vetiver Essential Oil Massage • Facial Scrub & Acupressure Head & Neck Therapy with Arnica & Ginger Oil • The Divine Eco Service*
Rugged yet refined, this adventure for one inspires pause. Take a seat and recline while your legs and feet are thoroughly washed, scrubbed, and massaged. A cucumber mist carries you onto a warm bed for a body brushing to detoxify your mind. Surrender your defenses with a firm therapeutic massage fit for a King. Banish worry lines with facial acupressure and an oatmeal scrub. If the world is resting heavily on your shoulders, nothing brings peace quite like focused shoulder massage and neck therapy with our own housemade arnica & ginger oil. We recommend calling off the rest of the day to complete your trip inward.

Royal Couple

2 hours
Ultimate Foot Cleanse & Massage Ritual • Full Body Jute Brush • Warm Oil Massage • Jasmine Facial Massage • Marma Facial Release • Essential Oil Head Massage • The Divine Eco Service*
An intimate celebration for two, this ritual for the Royal Couple begins with exquisite foot basins filled with salts, flower essence, and rose petals to relax your well-worn bare feet. Be led to your warm beds side-by-side. Your therapists initiate this ritual with a guided meditation on the breath. A full body jute brushing stimulates the senses. Now you are aptly prepared to receive. Melt tension thoroughly with a nourishing full body massage of essential oils and botanicals. Restore peace of mind with marma facial release ~ a method in Ayurveda to unite breath with pulse. You may be reborn.
*Divine EcoService ~ Includes a refresh tray to welcome you with our house-made herbal elixir, a zero waste treatment with certified organic oils, fair trade organic cotton linens, bamboo towels, a conscious ambiance with Himalayan salt crystals, soy-based, lead-free candles, and a seasonal post session tea service.