Integrity in Session

What to Expect at Earthbody

Our treatments were designed to awaken the Body-Mind, a union of physical, mental, and emotional health.  Whether you’re in for a single session or series of treatments with any of our incredible healers, this is what you can expect:


~ Relieve stress, pain, and points of tension
~ Lengthen constricted muscle groups
~ Increase mobility, blood flow, and endorphins


~ Reduces anxiety
~ Inspires well-being
~ Deepens self awareness


~ Quiets thoughts
~ Promotes confidence
~ Increases alertness

The plain, simple, naked truth about Earthbody

NO Recent Graduates

Each practitioner is hired by a therapist,  the founder + CEO, in fact. We look for gifted healers, who exemplify years of training, experience and love in their work.  This takes time to develop. We get that.  So, we look for the most exceptional practitioners to invite to the practice – those who are committed to a holistic revolution.

NO Parabens + Cheap Petroleum Bases
We use 100% organic oils, cold-pressed and raw just like you.  What’s more we carry 5 different bases of botanical butters and plant oils for our therapists to choose from to further customize your treatment -- to your body.  Those hidden fillers are hidden for a reason.  Simply put – if you can eat it, you can wear it.

Conscious Practices

We care deeply for the body and the planet.
We believe that we can nurture both simultaneously. EarthBody has made a commitment to choosing products and practices that support a sustainable and ecologically responsible way of offering therapeutic treatments. We like to call it therapeutic wellness with integrity.

Concious Practices

Omcali Sacred Skincare
Dream Body Oil
organic + handcrafted by healers

Available for purchase online.

Our Aspiration To create a space for embodiment.
To foster healing from deep within.
To mindfully release habitual patterns.
To celebrate self love and the divine body.
To be open to the wisdom and joy of this life.

Wellness Plans Commit to your well-being with a series of treatments in massage and bodywork

Basic Goodness
series of 3 (save $15)
1H • $522 : 1H 30M • $717

Heart of Compassion
series of 6 (save $60)
1H • $1014 : 1H 30M • $1404

series of 12 (save $180)
1H • $1968 : 1H 30M • $2748

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