Meet Amy Walsh, Esthetician + CMT

There’s a kind of magic that happens with a person who is dual licensed. Amy brings massage to every facial and esthetics to every bodywork. It’s the best of both worlds in every treatment! ~ Denmo

In her teenage years Amy decided on her career: she would help others improve their self esteem, prevent injuries, relax the body and mind with massage and skin care. Amy had acne and would get facials that not only made her skin glow but boosted her self view. She was a competitive dancer and worked on the weekend. She attended cosmetology school in 2006 and loves treating acne and dull skin.

After her training in skincare, Amy attended the World School of Massage in 2009 and McKinnon Massage School in 2012. She has more than 1,000 hours in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral Balancing, Sports, Pregnancy, Elderly, and Focused techniques. She prefers to combine all of her knowledge for a custom-tailored session.

“My super powers as a therapist is to target in on what exactly your body needs with attention to detail and pressure. As well as combining energy work with specific techniques to help you relax and unwind."

“I love working on the neck and shoulders. For the most part my own tension usually lies in these areas so I love to figure out the best way to relax the area.  My work is enriched by overall stretching. I combine some popular stretches into my bodywork sessions. I also love combining Cranial Sacral work into my sessions. I try to start or end most sessions with some holds but can also incorporate more specific work if your body needs it. I love doing focused body work where we can develop a plan to help you with long term goals of stretching out or relaxing your muscles."

Experience Amy’s skin care or bodywork today!