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Welcome to my journal. Each week I share a story that turns my mind with the insights, goof-ups, and lessons I discovered in the exchange. I also believe that the good life takes practice. Here's where I'll share resources in meditation, self care, daily ritual, wholesome nutrition, and the best in body~mind wellness. Thanks for reading and welcome to the family.

Denmo Ibrahim, Founder & CEO Earthbody.

Home Coming: Returning to the Body

Home Coming So often, we find peace when we nourish ourselves in what we love. When we get to that yoga class, go for that morning walk, or spend an evening reconnecting to our lover, we feel better, more grounded, more able to take on the hub-bub of life. After a session of bodywork we feel so in tune, so connected to the messages our body-mind is sending us. But what happens when we get that inevitable phone-call-of-doom and all the good vibes we spent time and energy cultivating fly out the proverbial window? We clench our jaw, hunch our shoulders, lock our joints. We do almost anything we can to turn off the body, the light of our intuition. When we do this, not only does it undo our valiant efforts at balance and self care, it also tunes us out to important information our body is sending us in times of stress.

When we observe our reactions to all life’s buzzing, the conversations, interactions, and inevitable upheavals, we begin to see a pattern of how we relate to our world. We are present, mindful, at peace. Then, something happens, any little thing and whoosh, we jump out of the moment and into our habitual pattern of reaction. We contextualize our dramas, adhere to our stories, justify our reactions, and forget all about our centered, happy place.

This is an exhausting process. It never allows us just to be with what arises – we must move in or out or freeze or panic or meltdown. We are always reacting instead of responding. How can we unravel these ingrained behaviors?

Turn to the body. Typically when we sit with space for the body-mind, we feel nothing at all. But the lack of feeling is a kind of feeling. Often times, Numbness is the first guest in our house within. We get to know Numbness and all the insights she has to offer. We really listen. She feels heard. She leaves. There is another knock at the door. It is Pain. Numbness was just here, but now Pain wants to come in. We may not be sure we like that. Before, we felt nothing. Now we feel a whole lot of something. It’s terribly uncomfortable. It’s nearly impossible to hear. But again like a guest carrying a fresh pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, it would be rude to turn them away. They came so far. We let them in. We meet our guest. We learn the stories she has to share. We really listen. And then Pain leaves. And another guest arrives. And so it goes. Thus the journey inward is truly meeting our closest friends, dear ones we may have neglected for some time. For years, we didn’t even hear the knock. Then we may have heard the knock, but didn’t answer. Now, we set the table, make the home lovely and actually look forward to tea together.

In this process of coming into the body, as if peeling layers away, we arrive at a core. This core is totally empty. This core is the truth of us. This core is what we’ve been longing for. So tuning in physically is an act of excavation to our most basic nature. It’s where we can free ourselves from the behaviors that no longer serve us. Where we are pure and perfect, just the way we are. This place can be uncomfortable, even painful, as it is so unfamiliar. Discomfort is always a message of something greater. If we continually see pain as something terribly wrong, we miss the point. We can’t be afraid anymore. Instead, we must begin to see discomfort as a conversation. With all our heart, we engage. We listen. We sit and bear witness to the lover within.

Ritual for Self Acceptance

tree What does the mirror think of me?
does she see what I see?
Surely I could not be
The only one judging me

Act I Reflection

Take off your clothes. Stand in front of a mirror. As you look at your reflection, smile and speak these words:

I am the best thing that has ever happened to me
I am valuable, beautiful, and complete
I release all self-judgment
My insecurity is replaced by wisdom

Act II The Inner Swell

Repeat the mantra above and tap your body using your first two fingers as you speak these words. Tap all over as you speak your powerful words of affirmation. Quickly tap around your collar bone, around your neck, head, down your arms. Tap your upper body and use a soft fist to tap around your mid section, down your legs and around the softness of your buttocks. You are reprogramming. Old beliefs fall away as new beliefs are planted.

Act III Embodied Sensuality

Light a few candles. Close the bathroom door. Play a saucy little song you adore. Run a warm bath. Pour ½ cup of soak, our extraordinary mineral salts, for a holy experience of frankincense, and myrrh in a perfect combo of oil, clay, and epsom. Inhale the sweet exotic aromas as you mix a homemade facial mask. For a simple home remedy use plain organic yogurt, If you’d like to pack in the full nutrients for a mini facial, blend in a spoonful of nourish, our organic face mask of calendula, parsley, and lavender flower. Apply your mask including your neck but avoiding the eye area. Slip into your holy bath water for a private baptism.

Act IV Outfitting the Divine

Dress in simple clothing – a piece that is clean, loose fitting, and feels good to wear. Perhaps something white. Refrain from tight, ill fitted clothing. In fact spend 10 minutes or so and pull things out of your closet that no longer fit the new you. Perfect items to toss include anything with a stain, a tear, too big or too small, uncomfortable, or ugly. You are divine.

Act V Transcend

On hands and knees move into Cow Pose allowing the belly to fall, the front body lengthen and the head and tail to extend upward. Move into Cat Pose curling your tail and head and rounding your back on an exhale. Then reach your sits bones back to your heels and rest in child pose. This sequence activates the fluid of your spine and expands the lung capacity.

Rituals for Release

Tasting Tension ~ I am complete ~

A series of rituals for beliefs, relationships, or patterns that need to be cleared.

step one | articulate

I have been feeling attached to ________________________ but essentially I feel that I’ve been clinging to __________________.

step two | accept

My attachment to ________________ has helped me_____________.
I am grateful for the lessons this has brought into my life.

step three | release

I am ready to move on. Today I release this attachment. I see that clinging on no longer serves me. From this moment onward, I bring only positive and supportive relationships to myself.

step four | twist

Lie on your back with arms outstretched. Lift your right knee to your chest and gently twist to your left with your head moving to the right. With each inhale, find length. With each exhale, deepen the twist. Twists help to release that which is not serving you.

step five | fire cleanse

Standing with your feet slightly wider than your hips, place your hands on your knees and lean forward with strong arms. Inhale deeply, look upward toward the sky, and expand the front of your body. Curl forward and exhale powerfully through the mouth, curling your tailbone and rounding your upper back. Contract your lower abdomen and diaphragm as much as possible. You are pulling your navel into your spine—this is where the magic happens. Hold your lungs empty for a few moments, release your stomach and THEN inhale. Repeat until you feel light and warm from the inside out.

step six | integrate

Sit in stillness. Inhale through the nose, meditating on the word complete. Exhale through the mouth, meditating on the word release. Focus on discovering the bottom of the exhale.

step seven | begin

Wash your hands with the intention that you are washing away attachment and creating new energy for the day. If you like, we recommend using Repair, an organic herbal balm of comfrey leaf and calendula flowers, to kiss your new hands.

Tasting Tension

Tasting Tension It’s easy to think that having tension in the body is a bad thing.

“My shoulder’s are killing me.”
“My hands are tingling.”
“I can’t turn my neck to the right.”

There’s nothing wrong with tension. What’s terrifying is how we deal with it.

We ignore signs of our body needing relief. We hype ourselves up on caffeine. We’re too tired so we stop exercising. We constantly degrade ourselves in thought, speech, and mind.

Slowly, we begin using less and less of our bodies.

We work from home. We have it delivered. We drive.

We’ve created a very interesting situation for ourselves.

Tension is a way the body tries to get our attention. Tension = Attention.

Note: The body may have a different time to process than the mind. It may also require a whole new way of processing. Perhaps the body is aching for stillness, for touch, or for simple awareness of the guest that lives in this guesthouse. The body needs regular time to decompress. Getting in for a bodywork session once a week is a good start.

Rituals for Clarity

Four Years of Healing at Earthbody myth | “sleeping in = more rest”

Sleeping through sunrise is in opposition to the natural cycle of waking and can create sluggishness. Fall into balance with the sun and moon by sleeping early and rising early. Essential oils can stir the senses naturally if you need extra support. Use a dab of relief, our handmade coconut tea balm of eucalyptus, lavender, and marjoram, to brighten the mind.

routine | set a schedule
rise time: 5:30 a.m. … bed time: 9:30 p.m.

Routine can support health. As the season ebbs and flows, we can find balance by sleeping and rising with time. If possible, wrap up all mental activity an hour before sleep. Stay in relation to the cycle of the sun and moon.

practice | 10-minute meditation

Sit down in a clean, clear area free from distractions. Sit upright with your eyes open, looking slightly downward. Focus your attention on your breath. If you find your mind wondering, return to your breath. This is the practice. Warm exhale, cool inhale.

exercise | take a hike

Put a good pair of shoes on and go for a brisk 45-minute walk. Pump your arms, listen to music, and get your entire body involved. You’ll feel alive and ready for the day.

drink | green tea

Too much caffeine taps the adrenal glands, creating a sense of fatigue. Switch out your black coffee for green tea and get your daily dose of L theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid that promotes alpha brain wave activity, making you feel alert without the jitters.

meal | fast till lunch

If you’re feeling heavy or dull, skipping a meal can increase mental alertness and kindle the digestive fires. Simply wait until you experience hunger. Avoid processed foods, refined sugars, and heavy combinations. Let your body be your guide.

body | stimulate the organs

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Stimulate the lymphatic system with invigorate, our very own mineral-rich body salts made with rosemary, grapefruit, and blood orange. You can also use a dry brush to exfoliate from head to toe before showering. Finish with a quick cold rinse. You’ll look and feel amazing.