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Welcome to my journal. Each week I share a story that turns my mind with the insights, goof-ups, and lessons I discovered in the exchange. I also believe that the good life takes practice. Here's where I'll share resources in meditation, self care, daily ritual, wholesome nutrition, and the best in body~mind wellness. Thanks for reading and welcome to the family.

Denmo Ibrahim, Founder & CEO Earthbody.

Ayurveda 101

Ayurveda 101Ayurveda 101

You may have heard of Ayurveda, but wonder what some ancient Indian healing practice has to do with you in the 21st century. Ayurveda is a system of healing based on the Vedic texts written 5,000 years ago from ancient India. Its aim is to heal and maintain the quality and longevity of life through nutrition, lifestyle, massage, and herbal remedies.

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Power of Ayurveda In Treatment

Power of Ayurveda In TreatmentIn addition to diet and medicines, ayurveda has countless body treatments for both health and beauty, and it is important to note that in ayurveda beauty is a result of health, and health is one’s natural state. At Earthbody, we’ve designed a series of rituals inspired by Ayurveda to work with particular ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, stress, and nervousness.

Many of these treatments consist of medicated oil massage, as vata (the dry dosha) tends to increase with age, and therefore is the most commonly aggravated dosha. Oil provides lasting moisture and protection for the skin and even deeper tissues. Soap is not recommended in ayurveda, as it strips away one’s natural protective mantle.

Getting regular oil massage, ABHYANGA, with the appropriate medicated oil, can help to protect and nourish the skin, improving the flow of blood and lymph, and encouraging the body to heal it’s self.  It can also help to nourish one emotionally, illustrating that the mind and emotions are all considered to be property of the body in ayurveda and Indian philosophy in general.

Another common treatment in ayurvedic practice is shirodhara, which consists of pouring a continuous stream of warm medicated oil, (sometimes milk) on the forehead. This is a deeply relaxing treatment, which soothes the mind and lubricates the organs of the head, improving sight, smell, taste, and hearing. It can alleviate migraines, prevent them from reoccurring, and cure insomnia. Oil treatments are plentiful in ayurvedic medicine, and it is recommended that one do self-oil massage on a regular basis. Vata should oil themselves daily, pitta every other day, and kapha once a week.

Sometimes people may need a drying treatment, these will usually be kapha types.  In such cases dry powder scrubs are called for. They are usually made of heated abrasive powder, cooked with invigorating herbs. These scrubs can break down cellulite helping one to loose weight.  In addition it will help to reduce oily skin and break up phlegm in the system.

Unlike western medicine, ayurveda places emphasis on the power of small things.  This means it is usually better to take a multifaceted approach to healing than to just look for the one thing that will cure you.  Hindu and Buddhist philosophy state that all things in the universe are connected and interdependent, and in line with this way of viewing things, ayurveda does not look for the one pathogen or injury that is causing illness. If there is disease it is because the body has become a hospitable environment for disease, and such an imbalance is probably caused and corrected by multiple factors. The ayurvedic approach to life is inclusive and holistic, taking into account the entire individual, and the environment they interact with.

Four Years of Healing at Earthbody

Four Years of Healing at EarthbodyAnniversaries are a perfect time to reflect on pivotal relationships, labors of love, and habitual patterns which have been released. This month Earthbody celebrates our fourth complete journey around the Sun.

As with anything we create – an idea, a company, or a person -- there is the birth of now, the daily nurturing, and the dream of tomorrow. Creating Earthbody has been the single most fulfilling adventure of my life. I have watched a simple vision turn into reality. With each new person that joins our small community I witness transformation of the subtle, the total, the miraculous, and the ordinary. We are waking up. On a cellular level, we understand health is our birthright and the body is a gateway to realizing our potential.

I began Earthbody in 2007 as a way to connect to my own healing process. Working with others made me accountable to myself and very present to another.  In turn, this kind of openness inspired more openness. This simple relationship began to unravel deep-seated tensions, unwind mental clinging’s, and encourage the richness of the breath. Simply put, embodiment became a tangible experience through the practice of conscious bodywork and massage. In four years, a holistic community of people like you came to and through Earthbody. So my friend, let me be the first to wish you a Happy Anniversary. May you always be happy, healthy, and further along the path.

Rituals to Ground

Grounding Rituals~you are loved~

visualization | the cord
Take a comfortable, upright seat. Soften the gaze. As you come to rest, Visualize a gold coin between your navel and the front of the spine. Breathe. Allow the coin to grow to a ripe grapefruit. then grow it to a channel as wide as your hips. Descend through to the center of the Earth.

practice | morning pages
Write in a stream of consciousness till you fill 3 pages. Refrain from editing or reading your entry. The practice is to simply engage in the process of bringing thought onto paper. This can inspire inner confidence, trust, and relieve anxiety about what is left unsaid.

food | warm nourishment
Cook your meals! Cold fruits, raw food, and iced drinks can create instability in the body. Refrain from the chilled edibles and begin warming your food You are what you eat.

Try this nourishing recipe of kichari. It’s tridoshic, easy to digest, a complete protein, and fun to make.

experience | massage
Self-massage can be a deeply healing experience. Use a body oil or our decadent indulge body balm made with mango and avocado, lavender and sandalwood to nourish, root, and bring stillness. Best just out of the shower. If you’d like the support of a professional therapist, let us know and we can help. Massage helps us teel again.

mantra | ‘I am connected to the Earth.’
Affirm what is true. Repeat throughout the day to remind yourself of the link you formed earlier in the day.

root chakra | LAM
Speak the powerful syllable LAM (as in ‘calm’) to vibrate the root chakra at the perineum.

asana | downward dog
Get on all fours. Place your hands just under your shoulders with your fingers spread facing forward and knees hip width apart. Press down consciously through your hands. Tilt your tailbone up and sit bones up toward the ceiling. Activate your abdomen. Press heels downward. Breathe

myth: the more I have, the more I am.
To be grounded is to be utterly confidant in who you are. To practice this confidence give something away that you value. When we give, we realize our wealth lies within.

The Greatest Gift ~ Silence

The Greatest Gift Silence

In relationship we may strive to communicate better. In solitude we may hope to deepen our sense of insight. By being together in a quiet way, we can achieve both. Creating opportunities to be together and apart can support a healthy, nurturing relationship.In meditation retreats for example, you may sit next to a stranger for a 7 hours a day, 7 days a week, and never exchange a word. When the week has come to an end, you may find your goodbye is teary-eyed with this new loved one. What then makes being together in such a simple way so transformative? A shared silence in a sacred space. Our Couples Massage treatments at Earthbody are a simple way to experience the richness of retreat. By experiencing quiet space in this way, a pair can feel a process where the breath acts as the dialogue.