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Welcome to my journal. Each week I share a story that turns my mind with the insights, goof-ups, and lessons I discovered in the exchange. I also believe that the good life takes practice. Here's where I'll share resources in meditation, self care, daily ritual, wholesome nutrition, and the best in body~mind wellness. Thanks for reading and welcome to the family.

Denmo Ibrahim, Founder & CEO Earthbody.

Rituals to Ground

Grounding Rituals~you are loved~

visualization | the cord
Take a comfortable, upright seat. Soften the gaze. As you come to rest, Visualize a gold coin between your navel and the front of the spine. Breathe. Allow the coin to grow to a ripe grapefruit. then grow it to a channel as wide as your hips. Descend through to the center of the Earth.

practice | morning pages
Write in a stream of consciousness till you fill 3 pages. Refrain from editing or reading your entry. The practice is to simply engage in the process of bringing thought onto paper. This can inspire inner confidence, trust, and relieve anxiety about what is left unsaid.

food | warm nourishment
Cook your meals! Cold fruits, raw food, and iced drinks can create instability in the body. Refrain from the chilled edibles and begin warming your food You are what you eat.

Try this nourishing recipe of kichari. It’s tridoshic, easy to digest, a complete protein, and fun to make.

experience | massage
Self-massage can be a deeply healing experience. Use a body oil or our decadent indulge body balm made with mango and avocado, lavender and sandalwood to nourish, root, and bring stillness. Best just out of the shower. If you’d like the support of a professional therapist, let us know and we can help. Massage helps us teel again.

mantra | ‘I am connected to the Earth.’
Affirm what is true. Repeat throughout the day to remind yourself of the link you formed earlier in the day.

root chakra | LAM
Speak the powerful syllable LAM (as in ‘calm’) to vibrate the root chakra at the perineum.

asana | downward dog
Get on all fours. Place your hands just under your shoulders with your fingers spread facing forward and knees hip width apart. Press down consciously through your hands. Tilt your tailbone up and sit bones up toward the ceiling. Activate your abdomen. Press heels downward. Breathe

myth: the more I have, the more I am.
To be grounded is to be utterly confidant in who you are. To practice this confidence give something away that you value. When we give, we realize our wealth lies within.

The Greatest Gift ~ Silence

The Greatest Gift Silence

In relationship we may strive to communicate better. In solitude we may hope to deepen our sense of insight. By being together in a quiet way, we can achieve both. Creating opportunities to be together and apart can support a healthy, nurturing relationship.In meditation retreats for example, you may sit next to a stranger for a 7 hours a day, 7 days a week, and never exchange a word. When the week has come to an end, you may find your goodbye is teary-eyed with this new loved one. What then makes being together in such a simple way so transformative? A shared silence in a sacred space. Our Couples Massage treatments at Earthbody are a simple way to experience the richness of retreat. By experiencing quiet space in this way, a pair can feel a process where the breath acts as the dialogue.

Going the Distance

Going the DistanceMy friend is a long-distance runner. She is a virtual expert in endurance. Once a day, she emerges from her modest bed and puts both feet down onto a cold wooden floor. For Leah, the run begins here. As someone who has spent many years in recovery from addiction and the grief of difficult life circumstances, she had to find a way to feel that she could in fact, move forward in her life. Running provided then, and continues to offer now, a way for her to feel that she is progressing. When Leah runs, she is applying the exertion necessary to move though physical space as well as her internal emotional space. As she runs, her body becomes more adapted to exertion and her mind becomes more adapted to the reality of happiness in life without addictive substances. This daily exercise then, becomes a practice in reorganizing the structure of her beliefs and attitudes about her life. As her beliefs have changed, so too have her friends and her possibilities for more supportive and fulfilling relationships. Leah’s meditation in motion isn’t recreation; it’s a re-creation of her life through muscle power and her will to put two feet on the ground.

As the SF Marathon approaches, we here at Earthbody honor those of you who have decided to run. We honor you who use your internal structures - your muscles and bones - to move you into the presence of some greater personal goal. Like running, we know massage also works the physical structures of the body and can be both an integral part of training as well as provide rest and relaxation post race. We want to support your work and help your body awaken its full potential. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Before the race, we recommend the GROUND massage with Essential Foot Therapy.
To increase mental clarity and focus we offer The BARS seesion.
Post run, receive the REPATTERN ~ 90 minutes of therapeutic bodywork.

Double Joy I Half Sorrow

Double Joy | Half SorrowHave you ever heard something so funny when you were alone that it made you laugh out loud and think, “I wish so-and-so was here!”? Or maybe you were shopping and saw something beautiful that you knew your partner would adore. That feeling of “I wish you were here,” is something that we can all relate to, especially in times of joy. Many songs have been written about this, and countless postcards with that same sentiment have been printed. We humans are a social and generous lot. We like to share.
There’s a Swedish proverb that states “Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow.” Connection amplifies experience.

Though sometimes we feel the pressures of our own lives and may feel like we’re doing it alone, it’s simply not true. That’s the beauty of solid, intimate relationships. We get to open up to one another and disclose the discoveries, heartbreaks, fears and dreams.

Are there areas of your life in which you can deepen your relationships by experiencing union? Perhaps you’ve held back in talking about your personal spiritual practices from friends. Have you read any books that have inspired you, that might be helpful to someone you know? Have you fallen in love with a beauty or body care treatment that a dear friend could benefit from? You are abundance. Share a part of your experience with another and watch it grow two-fold.

Share a Couples Massage at EB!

Relationships Can Get Stressed

Relationships Can Get StressedRelationships can get stressed just like our bodies…take care of yours.
We love it when things are smooth sailing in relationship and health, but as we ride the blissful waves of the highs, the lows can sneak up on us, causing us to get out of balance. The way to get back in to balance and eventually riding the joyful waves of good health and love is to do something healthy. The emphasis on the “doing.” We are co-creators in the state of our bodies and relationships. So when you stress out your body, you have choices about how to take care of it. Eating well, getting exercise and having bodywork done are the best routine ways to keep yourself in balance. You are taking proactive measures to care for your body

How do you handle friction in your intimate relationship? You make choices about how to treat it, again based on the situation. Coming back to the reason you two are together is essential. Finding ways to come together and focus on the connection is a must for the care of your special union. Make it a priority to consciously do loving actions toward your partner. Just as you build into your schedule time for exercise and sleep, making time for special dates is important. Even when life gets busy, doing simple things like giving your partner a kiss when he or she comes home is important.

Make a special date to take the stress out of your body and your other most intimate relationship by booking a Couples Massage treatment.