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Going the Distance

Going the DistanceMy friend is a long-distance runner. She is a virtual expert in endurance. Once a day, she emerges from her modest bed and puts both feet down onto a cold wooden floor. For Leah, the run begins here. As someone who has spent many years in recovery from addiction and the grief of difficult life circumstances, she had to find a way to feel that she could in fact, move forward in her life. Running provided then, and continues to offer now, a way for her to feel that she is progressing. When Leah runs, she is applying the exertion necessary to move though physical space as well as her internal emotional space. As she runs, her body becomes more adapted to exertion and her mind becomes more adapted to the reality of happiness in life without addictive substances. This daily exercise then, becomes a practice in reorganizing the structure of her beliefs and attitudes about her life. As her beliefs have changed, so too have her friends and her possibilities for more supportive and fulfilling relationships. Leah’s meditation in motion isn’t recreation; it’s a re-creation of her life through muscle power and her will to put two feet on the ground.

As the SF Marathon approaches, we here at Earthbody honor those of you who have decided to run. We honor you who use your internal structures - your muscles and bones - to move you into the presence of some greater personal goal. Like running, we know massage also works the physical structures of the body and can be both an integral part of training as well as provide rest and relaxation post race. We want to support your work and help your body awaken its full potential. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Before the race, we recommend the GROUND massage with Essential Foot Therapy.
To increase mental clarity and focus we offer The BARS seesion.
Post run, receive the REPATTERN ~ 90 minutes of therapeutic bodywork.

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