Creative Therapy

Noble Silence

Noble SilenceListen.

What do you hear right now? Can you detect the street noise or the movements of person nearest you, or the hum of the computer? What about the sounds within you? Can you sense your breath, hear your thoughts, feel your posture.  Can you be with yourself?

Taking a vow of silence is a way to tune into the inner dialogue. You become aware even curious of your interior world. And through tuning in, you have a more gifted ability to perceive the world around you. Resting in silence even for a day can have a deep effect on your energetic body. It can also be a very productive way to process. By not getting caught up in the details, you can rest in the greater space. Silence is a type of trust in the knowledge you have. A vow of silence is intimacy with the self.

Try spending one day from sunrise to sunrise in silence. Write a large sign in your room to remind you of your vow ~ NOBLE SILENCE. Tie a string around your wrist as you move throughout the day to keep you turned inward. Be still. Be soft. Be silent. Experience being.

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