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Some Rules for Success

Some Rules for SuccessSome Rules for Success

Tuesday, 3rd July 2012 09:00

Rule #1 Get Your Hands Dirty
The way to mastering success is through direct experience. Learn by doing. This gives you unshakeable confidence.

Rule #2 Become Process-Oriented
“I want more ____.”
“I need a bigger ____ .”
“If only ____ were different.”

But what are you already creating? How can you make what you have, what you’re doing, who you are, better?

Rule #3 Take a Daily Dose
Absorb the world. Read. Learn. Watch. Do. Success is not a destination. It’s an invitation. Give yourself permission to improve.

Rule #4 Authenticity Rules
The "right way” was made-up by somebody. Create a new ”right way.” Being real is a lot easier and more natural than being perfect.

Rule #5 The Secret Vow
What’s your bottom line? What is the absolute requirement for your life, work, and play? It may be flexible, but it’s nonnegotiable. For me, it’s love. Without it, I don’t see the point. But it could also be ease, beauty, or joy. Think about it as your basic set of rules to abide by. How will you measure your choices?


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