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Transformation: A Field Guide

Transformation: the field guide imageTransformation: A Field Guide

Tuesday, 15th January 2013
In my private consultations, we spend a lot of time articulating your goals, understanding the root of obstacles, and determining how you can begin to achieve what you’ve always wanted.

I’ve been working on some ways in which I could offer you my support for all the amazing things you’re going to do this New Year. I created TRANSFORMATION: A Field Guide for 2013. Download your free copy here.

I wanted to give this to you as soon as it was ready. I really want to encourage you to spend some time reflecting on what you want, and getting it down on paper. Let me know what the process is like for you. And if you have any questions or comments, or just want to share your experiences, reach out to me anytime.

Enjoy and may you discover the fire within.



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