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Hayes Valley's New Home for Jazz

SFJAZZHayes Valley's New Home for Jazz

Tuesday, 27th August 2013

Hayes Valley's New Home for Jazz This year marked an incredible new addition to Hayes Valley. You may have seen the LEED certified structure that houses a state-of-the-art auditorium on Franklin and Fell St. and wondered what it is. It's the SF JAZZ Center.

Recently opened in January of this year, SFJAZZ Founder and Executive Artistic Director Randall Kline describes the new venue: “The Center is the first free-standing building for jazz in the country – designed, from concept to concert hall, to create an enhanced setting for creating and experiencing what the esteemed jazz writer Whitney Balliett calls ‘the sound of surprise.” The mission of SFJAZZ is to reach, develop and nurture current and future musicians and audiences by providing rich, innovative, interactive and informative programming in jazz appreciation, creation, and performance. The lineup of artists for this year delivers on this mission with a range of programs that include locally and world-renowned performers and experimental pairings of music and other arts such as poetry, cartooning, dancing and skateboarding.

Check out this performance with artist Jason Moran and his Bandwagon combo accompanied by skateboarders in the foreground:

The center also commissioned three murals by artists Sandow Birk and Elyse Pignolet. Two of the three commissioned ceramic tile murals, “Jazz and the Nation” and "Jazz and the City” are located in the second floor lobby. They combine to form a fictionalized cityscape made up of jazz venues from across the United States and San Francisco. Located in the green room is "Jazz and the Afterlife.” A parody of religious "Judgment Day," the third commissioned mural has club goers going up to a "heaven" of harps and bagpipes or down to a swinging party in a jazz "hell."

Watch a Time-Lapse of the Murals Being Created:

How exciting to see this artistic and innovative addition to the neighborhood. Now we just need to get them to do something massage related… Massage and Jazz? Sounds good to us

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