Transform the New Year

How to Conciously TransformTransform in the New Year

Tuesday, 1st January 2013

The new year never arrives empty handed. It is a time brimming of potential full of the charge of last year on its heels. Just about everyone I know has been put through the ringer.

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Random Acts of Joy

During the holidays, it’s easy to overindulge in the wrong things. This is why some of us have ulcers and bad skin and our knees hurt. Because we try so hard to enjoy ourselves and be happy. But this logic is screwy.

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The Confidence of Confusion

The Confidence of ConfusionWhen we open our mind, we can gain a new perspective. Change becomes possible yet choice can still be confusing. Letting go of old habits, habits that keep us small, can leave us wanting to fill that void immediately with something (or someone) else.

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Wild Omar Season

The end of the year has always held a special place in my heart. And by special, I mean overwhelming.

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The Art of Relaxation

“A year from now you may wish you would have started today.” ~ Karen Lamb

My aunt went in for her yearly eye exam and the doctor said, “Well, it looks like you have a little pressure behind your eyes. Do you have high blood pressure?” She does. “How are your stress levels?” High and regular.

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