Wellness Series

Wellness SeriesWellness Series

Commit to your well-being with a series of treatments in massage and bodywork. Our wellness plans in healing offer ultimate flexibility and savings to support self care.

Choose your therapist and time as you discover your fullest expression. Although your sessions will never expire, we encourage you to maintain consistency to achieve the best results. Consult your therapist to create your customized schedule and action plan.


series of three - save $15 - PURCHASE ONLINE
1h GROUND • 330
1h 30m REPATTERN • 480


series of six - save $60 - PURCHASE ONLINE
1h GROUND • 630
1h 30m REPATTERN • 930


series of twelve - save $180 - PURCHASE ONLINE
1h GROUND • 1200
1h 30m REPATTERN • 1800

Earthbody is San Francisco’s most popular sanctuary famous for their integrative massage and bodywork sessions, spa rituals, private consultations, and handcrafted line of holistic skincare made fresh each week in small batches with love.

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