Cultivating Sacred Outlook

Cultivating Sacred Outlook

Spirituality doesn't live in books, in far off exotic places, mantra, scriptures, or downward dog. Spirit is a sensual exchange. If you cannot unite thought, speech, and action, you will always be at war. What does it mean to be spiritual? It means you say yes to being broken and whole, lost and found all at once. You dare to be pierced by life itself. It’s about cultivating sacred outlook.

If you view the world with curiosity, then every living thing is a friend. Sacred outlook means all situations, people, and emotions are workable. It’s like wearing contact lenses 24/7 that remind you life is good. Sacred outlook is a kind of irresponsible love that doesn't play by the rules. It's a drug that lifts us and connects us and reminds us that we are part of something great. We are never alone. Even when we feel truly alone, even then, we're still not alone. We are always in dialogue.

But sometimes we don't feel like talking, so we shut down. That’s certainly a choice. You always have the right to remain silent or to call it quits, hang up your “Do Not Enter” sign, pull down the shades with your bowl of cereal, and watch cartoons. But it’s not the only choice. You could choose something else that doesn’t feel so isolating and final. You could look for what is working, who does listen, or where you are understood. When my view gets twisted in this way, I usually turn to the Earth or the Sky to find that basic goodness once again, to feel safe, to return to my truth—that I am love and that this is love. And then I remember the single most important thing I've learned on my path—that all people, all things, all experience are good; not good as opposed to bad, but good as in absolutely workable. This is sacred. Sacred means no change required. It means we see the symbol in the ordinary. And the only reasonable response is to bow to its exquisite perfection, as it is.


Denmo is the founder and CEO of Earthbody. She is a writer, artist, therapist, and coach. You can reach Denmo here.

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