Negative Nancy

What spreads faster than a virus, is just as deadly and will make you totally sick and defeated? Negativity. Watch out because YOU just might catch the dreaded disease without even knowing it and while its festering deep within you instead of staying home trying desperately not to contaminate the rest of the world with the plague, you ride public transport, go to work, meet up for happy hour and spread the illness to everyone you meet until you've become Negative Nancy with an entourage of Debbie Downers and Pessimistic Pete's. And now you've got a group of very sick people with grey faces and frumpy clothing all saying, but morale is LOW. And nothing is working. And everything is just bad bad bad.

My dear friends, you and me have not been immune to the disease. We have caught it. We have spread it and we have also fought it and made it to the other shore where life is POSSIBLE and people are GOOD. You've got two responsibilities in working with this crappy plague..

#1 You must go to the source quickly, right now, and see if you have the bug. If your thoughts are bleak, your day full of complacency, and your energy zapped, you may be very, very sick with Virus Negativo. I suggest you do WHATEVER it takes to shake it off. The good news is antibiotics aren't needed but a positive outlook is absolutely required. Take the day off. Go for a walk. Drink more water. Watch cartoons. Throw out clothes that make you feel blasé. Feed someone who is hungry. Shower. I have total faith in you. You are NOT the disease.

After we've searched and sussed our self and dealt with our own demons then we can move on to prescription #2 RECOGNIZE what Virus Negativo looks like in others. It likes to prance around like a heart to heart or healthy rant or personality. But you know better. If being around this person makes you morbid they may be affected. So here's my suggestions. Love them. Listen to them. And LOOK for them. Can you cut through with brilliant clarity and say no. I love you. I will care for you but I will not carry you. No.

You must be razor sharp to recognize a black hole so that you won't be swallowed up by it. You must take care of your mental health. You must be dedicated to daily happiness. You must. Then you will know the out of tune song born from negativity. Sure you can listen in, even admire it, but you don't have to join the band. Return to source and you'll be able to recognize it at once. This is the first step.

is the founder and CEO of Earthbody. She is a writer, artist, and healer offering one-on-one holistic coaching. You can reach Denmo This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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