The Eyes Have It: Face Mapping Part 3

The Art of Face Mapping Part 3 of 6

Inspiration comes in many forms -- even in the form of breaking out. Breaking out can be the perfect invitation to deepen your personal practice. Imagine if you see your freshly formed zit and are able to recognize your kidneys are depleted.

Or perhaps the pimple on your nose is just the signal you need to cut back on the coffee and alcohol. Wouldn’t life look differently if we knew how to read our bodies and then respond appropriately? Topical treatments can only go so far. Maybe you’ll be able to rid yourself of that gnarly imperfection on your forehead for now, but without being curious about what lays below it, you may just be going round and round on the acne caboose. This is where face mapping comes in as a way to possibly stop the cycle.

Organ Connections: Kidney, thyroid, joints

Underlying Issue: Dehydration

The health of the eyes offer insight on joint health, how well you absorb nutrients and if your diet has an excess of sugar or salt. Even if you do not have breakouts around the eyes, you can still get oodles of information on your health and well-being. Puffiness and swollen eyelids can indicate an issue with the kidneys. Kidneys are responsible for removing waste or excess fluid, producing red blood cells (which in turn helps to create energy), producing active levels of vitamin D to keep bones healthy and controlling pH levels. If the kidneys are not happy, it is likely you will feel it.

  • Practices to Clear the Eyes
  • Increase your water intake.
  • Sweat it out. A good 30-45 minute active cardio workout (vigorous, but not strenuous) can be just what the body needs to eliminate and flush.
  • Cool cucumber slices are an excellent and simple remedy to reduce puffy dark circles.
  • Gently pressing on key points of the face with facial acupressure can help reduce puffiness and eliminate excess fluids.

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