Breath Work + Herbs: Resources for Self Care

It's been over a week since the wildfires lit up the North Bay. If you live in the Bay Area, it’s likely that you too have experienced the aftermath of smoke and the eerie haze and stories of devastation. It's the times of crisis that remind us of our practice.

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The Eyes Have It: Face Mapping Part 3

The Art of Face Mapping Part 3 of 6

Inspiration comes in many forms -- even in the form of breaking out. Breaking out can be the perfect invitation to deepen your personal practice. Imagine if you see your freshly formed zit and are able to recognize your kidneys are depleted.

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The Wisdom of Breaking Out

(And The Glorious Art of Face Mapping: Part 2 of 6)

As the largest organ of the body, the skin’s primary function (along with the brilliant ability to protect, absorb and regulate temperature) is to detox and filter. Skin is ultimately a reflection of one’s overall health and state of wellbeing.

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The Agony + Ecstasy Of Acne

When I think about acne, I flash back to my teenage years. I remember being so relieved when I finally entered my 20s. I had always associated acne with puberty until I broke out 
as an adult the morning just before a big photo shoot (because my body also has a sense of humor). Surely this was not the same kind of adolescent acne that surfaced in high school. So why was this happening now? It turns out there are many reasons beyond hormones that influence our skin.

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Your Skin Is An Ecosystem

We typically think of skin only as it relates to beauty — but it's actually important to overall health. Did you know that a single square centimeter of skin hosts approximately 1 million microbes with an estimate of over a 100 distinct species? These microbes include bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses, protozoa and even mites.

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