What's Not In Your Session

What's Not in Your Session

The Plain, Simple, Naked Truth About Earthbody

NO Recent Graduates

Each practitioner is hired by a therapist,  the founder + CEO, in fact. We look for gifted healers, who exemplify years of training, experience and love in their work.  This takes time to develop. We get that.  So, we look for the most exceptional practitioners to invite to the practice – those who are committed to a holistic revolution.

NO Parabens + Cheap Petroleum Bases

We use 100% organic oils, cold-pressed and raw just like you.  What’s more we carry 5 different bases of botanical butters and plant oils for our therapists to choose from to further customize your treatment -- to your body.  Those hidden fillers are hidden for a reason.  Simply put – if you can eat it, you can wear it.

NO Lead-based, Paraffin-filled Candles

We use only clean burning soy candles and tea lights at Earthbody. For those who have allergies, asthma, or advocate for clean air, rest assured that we here for you.  Atmosphere can transform space. But we made sure not to sacrifice mood lighting for lung power. When you’re in for your next treatment, rest assured that those warm lit candles that make you so happy are pollutant-free.

NO 50-minute hours

All our treatments listed on our menu are ‘table time’ – full-length sessions with your therapist on the table. We love what we do and know how valuable every minute is for your treatment.  Each therapist also tends to spend additional face time, before and after your treatment to connect with you on your core concerns and offer support.

NO Private Label Bodycare

We didn’t farm out our line, ship it across the country, and stick a pretty label on it.  We formulate and handcraft our very own organic products with the principles of Ayurveda, inspired by you.  What’s more, only therapists, healers, or holistic educators work with the herbs, oils, and infusions directly.  Energy is a real thing. When it comes to handcrafting bodycare, we invited individuals who understand the nuances of plant life.  All our products are made in small batches, one at a time, in San Francisco.

NO Fluff + Buff massages

Our treatments are more than just muscular relief – it’s about unraveling a deep tension and awakening the body-mind connection to heal. Our skincare treatments are more than just about cleansing the face – it’s about clarifying the soul.  At Earthbody, our treatments work on several layers of the body – the physical body, the emotional body, and the mental body – this is what makes Earthbody treatments so complete and transformational.  Anything less is, well, less.

NO Extra Charges

After years of crafting every aspect of the client experience in its organic growth from private practice to day spa, we know what works to create a revolutionary session for the senses.  Each treatment includes warm tables, hot foot towels, flower hydrosols, essential oils, and our own infused organic products – at no additional charge.  You select the treatment; leave the experience up to us.

NO Waste

Everything we use in session can be composted, recycled, or laundered to create a zero-waste experience in balance with the Earth for the benefit of the body.  Period. So even after your levitating home following an incredible session at EB, you can know that you left no trace, whatsoever.  Receiving treatment at EB makes everyone conscious about their eco footprint – by not leaving one.

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