The Power of Bodywork

Power of BodyworkPower of Bodywork

The Custom-tailored Session

Which would you choose?

1. Homemade Limoncello or Wine-in-a-box
2. Raw Honey or High Fructose
3. Fresh Brewed or Instant
4. Paper or Styrofoam
5. Organic eggs or McBreakfast

There's a reason we like the nicer things. They taste better, feel better, and align with our values. So is there a difference between regular massage and customized bodywork? You might think, isn't it all relaxing? Yes and no.

If you’ve had your share of massage and bodywork, you know that not all sessions are created equal. Massage is not always therapeutic; it could just be relaxing. And bodywork is not always customized; it could just be a mixture of techniques that are not informed by your body. Custom-tailored bodywork is what I’d call the real deal.

Let me share a quick overview of what happens. When you go through massage training, you learn anatomy, techniques, and a variety of strokes and tools for use in session. The deeper you go into training, the more you learn about the nature of the tissues below the surface—the difference between a trigger point, old scar tissue, and a new sprain. You become more receptive to what the body is.

You might go further and enter the intuitive mind of bodywork. Now you’re aware of the energetic imbalances, vibration, and subtle language the body holds. That's pretty deep. That takes practice.

New massage therapists often rely on a basic repetitive flow, whereas skilled therapists create an integrative session that incorporates a variety of styles, pressure, tools, and intentions. That's the main difference. Custom-tailored bodywork actively draws from years of training, a life of direct experiences, and personal history to structure a treatment. It's a highly creative and therapeutic process that can last well after the session. The other kind is just a memorized trick.

Regular or Custom-tailored ~ which would you choose?


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