What is Deep?

What is Deep?What is Deep?

‘Deep’ can mean so many things to so many people. When a client asks for deep tissue massage, there’s a lot to clarify. Are you looking for deep tissue or deep work?

Deep tissue is an aspect of therapeutic bodywork. It contacts the layers below the surface and realigns connective tissue, but that’s par for the course. Custom-tailored bodywork naturally incorporates deep tissue along with many other modalities.

Deep work, however, says more about how you best respond. It speaks to your current physical state and is a request for conscious touch. As a therapist, it’s a richer space to work from. Who comes in and requests light, fluffy insignificant bodywork? Exactly. Everyone wants a session that’s ‘deep.’ But deep work isn’t always about pressure. It’s about listening. It’s about mindfulness. It’s energetic. It’s about letting go and riding the breath. It’s bodywork that unravels your mind and heart in silence. It’s deep work. So next time you come in, you know what to ask for. You can certainly request more pressure. But that’s just a moment. You want to articulate the vision. Know that the next time you come into Earthbody, you’re getting deep.


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