Body of Work

A Body of WorkBody of Work

Tuesday, 5 June 2012 09:00

The more you get bodywork, the more you want it. You have a real experience of sleeping better, feeling limber, settling the mind. You’re stress melts away in minutes.  So then booking a massage is only needed for pain, right? Not really.

When you come in for regular bodywork your muscles begin to retain memory of openness. That muscle memory informs your daily posture, how your hold yourself in conversation, even how you breathe. It’s a physical education. You’re teaching your body other ways of being. Because you have experienced breathing through that knot of tension, you can do so in the meeting. Bodywork becomes a mind training of sorts. You learn directly how to let go, inhale, and stand up tall. You are a body of work. Regular care then becomes not just a an aid for discomfort, but a practice of openness.


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