Three Fold Breathing

Three Fold BreathingThree Fold Breathing

Do daily, before mediation, or just to come into the body if the mind has taken over

Effects: Nourishing, grounding, expansive

A simple 3 minute exercise

1. Lower Belly
Sit upright. Close your eyes. Inhale through your nose sending the breath to your lower belly. Try to focus the breath to this part of your body only. You can rest your hands on your lower below to be sure your direction is clear. Do this 3 times.

2. Solar Plexus
Now send the breath to your solar plexus just below the softness of the front of the ribcage but above the stomach. Visualize the breath surrounding your entire torso. You breathe though the sides, back, and front of your rib cage into your solar plexus. Do this 3 times.

3. Upper Chest
Rest your fingertips on the collarbones. Breath in so that your hands rise up. Imagine filling the breath in your upper chest, feel the breath lift your shoulders, and embrace your upper back. Do this 3 times.

4. Connection
Imagine pouring the breath into the lower belly. Once you’ve filled the lower belly, inhale to add the middle belly or solar plexus. Once you’ve filled the mid torso, inhale to add the upper chest. Then exhale at once and let the air fall out of your body. Repeat this 3 times.


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