The Red Cord ~ A visualization for connection

The Red Cord ~ A visualization for connectionThe Red Cord ~ A visualization for connection

Tuesday, 24th July 2012

“If you can practice even when distracted you are well trained.” ~Chogyam Trunpa Rinpoche

When there’s no time to practice and no space to breathe, try a visualization practice to cut through and ground.

Sit stand or lie on the Earth.
Imagine a red cord unfurls from your tailbone.
It falls into the ground and continues its downward descent.
1 foot. 3 feet. 10 feet.

Watch the cord travel downward.
20 feet. 50 feet. 1 mile.

Feel the journey toward the center of the Earth.
5 miles. 15 miles. 100 miles

Free fall.

When you’re ready open your eyes, move your limbs. Take in your surroundings.

Maintain your connection to the center of the Earth throughout the day.


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