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Authentic Living ~ 20 Daily Reminders

Authentic LivingAuthentic Living ~ 20 Daily Reminders

Wednesday, 31st October 2012

1. Speak the truth.
2. Trust your gut.
3. Be still once a day.

4.   Learn to listen. The world is always speaking to you.
5.   Say no to what distracts you.
6.   Say yes to what challenges you.
7.   If you’re in pain, slow down and tune in.
8.   Let go of guilt, shame, and anger.
9.   Be aware of your intentions.
10. Take care of your body.
11. Forgive your parents.
12. Explore what else there is.
13. Love yourself into being.
14. Give away something meaningful.
15. Be open.
16. Ride your emotions.
17. Notice your resistance. Then…
18. Soften and melt.
19. Eat foods that make you feel alive.
20. Return inward.


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