Create Your Own Ritual

Create Your Own RitualCreate Your Own Ritual

Here's a golden nugget of opportunity to create your own secret service using these simple aspects of reflection. Cultivate your own super powers in less

a gorgeous fabric
a piece of fruit
a slip of paper
a pen
a candle
a bowl of water
two handfuls of time
and a small chunk of space

Why do we need Ritual anyways?  Good question.
Three essential principles to understand what Ritual is:

1. Rituals are created to embody symbolic aspects of our life.

2. They follow a specific flow.

3. The purpose of Ritual is to

~ Settle the mind
~ Engage the physical act of living
~ Remove obstacle
~ Request divine aid
~ Self empowerment
~ Ignite and rejuvenate the Spirit

Now, let’s get you started with your ritual!  Now that you have all your divine pieces to create a powerful experience.


Set your intention for your ritual. What do you want to feel?  What is your aim?  Describe your goal in doing this act.  The clearer you can be the richer the ritual.  Anything goes – as long as it supports the greater good and the powers of love.


1. On your slip of paper, tear it into two halves.  One side write down all the things that hold you back from what you want. What are the obstacles inner and outer that you feel hold you back form achieving your intention. Write. Fold in half. Place it on your left.

2. On the other half, imagine yourself as the embodiment of your intention.  What are you wearing?  Who is around you?  Describe in as much detail what it looks like to have your intention come to fruition. Go for it.  Fold this over and place to your right.

3. Light your candle.  Clear you mind.

4. Place your gorgeous fabric flat on the ground in front of you with your fruit sitting in the middle. and a bowl of water just in front.

5. Sit still for a few minutes enjoying the warmth of the exhale and the coolness of the inhale.  Consider letting all thoughts dissolve for a few moments.


6. Now pick up the slip of obstacles that sit on your left. As you hold the note, feel the weight of what you’ve written.  Empathy is a powerful tool for release.  As you embody the heaviness of what holds you back, say out loud this:  “Thank you for teaching me the path of resistance. I am ready to move on. “ Let a corner of your slip of paper catch the flame of the candle and then drop into bowl of water.

7.  Pick up your intention that sits on your right. As you hold it, visualize what you’ve written.  Say out loud this:  “My life is calling me.  I am ready to fully embody all that I am.” Light this slip on paper. Drop it in the bowl of water.


8.  Sit and do nothing for a period of time.

9.  Eat the fruit of your labor!


You’ve just created your own ritual!  You can do the very same ritual with a different intention for a completely different experience. The power of creation is at your fingertips.

Notice the conversations your have over the next few days, the images in your dreams, and even your thought patterns.  Rituals can unfold in a myriad of ways.  Be open and explore what happens next!

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