Denmo IbrahimCoaching with Denmo

To know your purpose is to know the self. It’s the primary relationship for all other relationships. Cultivating this awareness requires a tremendous amount of bravery, dedication, and effort. When we feel stuck in an area of our life, coaching can be a profound way to achieve clarity.

My coaching practice is a creative, dynamic space to explore with curiousity.  Together we'll discover the roots to wha holds you back so you can move on with confidence. My process is collaborative in nature and based in a holistic model to live your highest good.

Who I Work With

My clients are the best people I know. They are courageous, intuitive, and remarkably good souls with one thing in common. They each sought a holistic approach to making big changes in their life that wasn’t therapy or counseling. This work is a wake up call to step into your total being.

I believe coaching is an empowerment, a divine partnership in your wholeness. In that light, all obstacles or fears ~ real or imagined ~ are a play of the mind. Once the illusion is clear, all becomes possible.



The Process of Change

Each coaching session is absolutely unique. There are themes in the work however, such as breaking down patterns, devising strategies to work through challenges, identifying a limiting belief, and restoring emotional intelligence. The way we do it is by looking closely at what’s stuck.

Coaching with me is a collaboration to discover your truth.

I've partnered with clients to:

  • create a vision of work
  • launch a new business or private practice
  • devise a strategy for success
  • define a creative marketing plan
  • attract love and relationship
  • develop a spiritual practice
  • learn the discipline of self-care
  • apply to graduate schools or a new job
  • foster courage for genuine communication
  • discover authentic leadership
  • define boundaries to encourage wisdom

I bring years of spiritual practice, business leadership, somatic training, and personal insight to each session. Intuitively designed, this work is specifically geared to those ready to set life long goals, conquer fear, and embody wisdom.

If you’re ready to surrender to your greater good, move beyond narratives that no longer serve, and manifest your gift, this work will lead you there.

Interested in working together?

Apply for Coaching

I’m passionate about the work and committed to the process. I see a limited number of coaching clients regularly in order to devote my attention. So let's be sure we’re a good match. If you would like to apply to work with me, please write a brief response to the following questions:

1. What are you looking to achieve?
2. Do you see your main obstacles as physical, mental or emotional? Say more.
3. How have you tried to overcome these obstacles?
4. Is there anything else you'd like me to know?

Send your response here. I’ll follow up with you soon for a free 30-minute interview.


Sessions available in San Francisco, Mill Valley or via Skype

  • Single Session 1H • 275
  • Three Month Package • 2800
    Includes 12 One-Hour Sessions
  • Six Month Package 5520
    Includes 24 One-Hour Sessions

A three- to six-month initial commitment is recommended to manifest change


About Denmo

Denmo is the founder & CEO of Earthbody, an award winning day spa in San Francisco and Omcali Sacred Skincare a luxury line of organic botanicals handcrafted with potent herbs, spiritual aromatics, and healing foods. She is a certified meditation instructor, massage therapist trainer, herbalist and Ayurvedic educator. She integrates holistic wellness, business coaching and spiritual mentorship in all of her work to inspire an inner path of mindfulness, leadership, and personal transformation.

Denmo discovered massage therapy as a profound way to heal injuries sustained from accidents and surgery. Her curiosity led her into exploring the root of illness and natural medicine. She studied with master healers such as Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Dr. Vasant Lad and Dr. Reginald Ray on the nature of bodymind and practices how to restore intrinsic health. Today, Denmo has designed several sold-out workshops, including Anatomy of Healing, Posture of Joy, and Embodied Leadership for Women. She holds an MFA from Naropa University and a BFA from Boston University. She is a graduate of the World School of Holistic Healing, Mount Madonna Institute's School of Ayurveda, and San Francisco School of Massage. Denmo has coached and consulted individuals, small businesses, and national brands in defining authentic core values, revealing secret strategies that impact our success, and how we can redefine business as a spiritual path.

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“I recently completed a three month holistic coaching package with Denmo. When I started, I had just had my 2nd child, really wanted to start my own business and was feeling overwhelmed by all the little stuff. I was inspired yet stuck and allowing long time held beliefs to get in the way of my dreams. My work with Denmo covered so many bases. She was a business coach, a spiritual guide and was able to really help me process my own story in a way that created space for new growth. We addressed fears, noticed judgments, set goals and just went for it. Knowing someone else was going to show up and ask questions kept me moving and I accomplished so much in such a short time.

I can now appreciate the gifts of motherhood without demanding perfection. My business is moving along with realistic sized expectations. I feel capable of achieving my dreams.

Denmo has been a beautiful light in my life. Our work offered space for transformation."

~ Dana, mom & entrepreneur 3 months

I was looking for a meaningful and supportive mind-body approach to help me understand myself better, develop my emotional intelligence, and find more motivation in my daily life. The integrative perspective of Denmo’s unique background caught my eye. Coaching was a total departure from any previous counseling I had experienced. I was looking for clarity and gentle guidance on how to make changes and get positive results. Denmo’s positive energy, generosity, and immediate insight about my life won me over from the start. I instinctively knew that I could get a lot of out the process if I was willing.”

~ Melissa, painter & graphic designer 1 year

“I want to step up into the next plane of my existence, to come closer to the divine, to reach my higher, better self. I want to untwist difficult emotional and personal situations and these sessions with Denmo provide space each week to sort out my path towards getting where I want to go.”

~ Jeanie, student 2 years

“I've been going weekly to meet with Denmo for the last couple of months and it has quite literally changed my life.”

~ Jenna, film producer & editor

“I didn’t expect to make such giants leaps forward toward my new career. Without these sessions my vision would be just that, a vision. I would not have had the courage to take the actions steps necessary to make that vision a reality. I also didn’t expect it to be as easy as it has been. This process is definitely “work” but with Denmo’s support the work is not as scary or impossible as it once seemed. I now have more confidence in myself and I have the courage to trust in my own visions and to actively make those visions a reality.”

~ Jackie, healer & teacher 9 months

“Being in session with you changed my life. I saw newly my own strengths that had been hidden and I felt optimistic about my future with my son. My shoulder released. I felt like I walked in as an old woman with ugly tattered clothes, and I left those behind – I could see the gentle, white wedding dress of my soul again and the world could see it too. Your wisdom and intuition and skill and generosity of spirit are crazy intense. I thank the universe for connecting me with you because somehow you are exactly what I needed.”

~ Lisa L. mom & doctor, two years