Somatic Psychotherapy

with Dr. Shawn Goozh
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

There is a vast frontier between the body and the psyche ripe to be explored.

Beyond Bodywork

Sometimes we leave a bodywork differently than we came. Something new is present and something more wants to happen. When we touch the body through bodywork, we often discover parts of ourselves that have been absent to our awareness. They may be wounds or tender spots; experiences of peace or stillness; or, new or lost aspects of our being. The arising of these aspects is an opportunity for us to grow further into our own wholeness. Healing work can be the bridge between making simple discovery and coming into full being. Healing is about nurturing connections first within ourselves and then beyond ourselves. Healing offers us the possibility to fully articulate to the world, the true complete person we are.

Healing with Another
Healing begins with the nourishment found in a genuine human relationship. There is the simple and steady presence of the other. Their gaze upon us invites us to be present within ourselves. The openness and warmth of their heart calls closer our own tenderness. When we abide with what is and offer it our own gentle attention, healing naturally comes. The parts of us that are in pieces or are estranged come together and come home. We come into wholeness and return to the flow of life. The experience of struggle dissolves into the ground of freedom. The liberation and bliss spoken of in the spiritual traditions is no other than this.

Somatic Psychotherapy Sessions
Somatic Psychotherapy is a specialized therapeutic modality, which bridges the distance between bodywork and traditional psychotherapy. Sessions are experiential in nature and utilize present-centered mindful awareness. Light touch and movement may also be used to access deeper psychological material. This work is especially helpful for those facing material centering around trauma, emotion, intimacy, and sensuality.

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Dr. Shawn Goozh

About Dr. Shawn Goozh Shawn is a devoted practitioner of the healing arts. Through a path of deep personal work, Shawn has developed a way of being that invites and supports the opening and letting go required for profound healing and transformation. Through dedicated professional study and training, he has gained an understanding and eye for the movements of the psyche and the skills to work with it.

Shawn holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and a Masters degree in Tibetan Buddhism from Naropa University. He is professionally trained to practice in both the depth analytic and somatic psychological orientations. He has a subspecialty in the treatment of trauma.