Winter Ritual


1.5H • 205 Limited Time Only

Cure the winter blues with this holistic treatment of organic herbs and expert flow designed to relieve depression, reduce stress and restore tranquility. Deepen prana, the breath of life, as thirteen key pressure points are stimulated to reset the body. Uncover flow with a full body dry brush to stimulate lymph, exfoliate skin and release stagnation. Pacify nervous energy with a warm herbal compress of ginger root, frankincense and myrrh firmly pressed into the spine. Integration continues with a warm oil massage of artemisia ~ a medicinal plant known to evoke the dream state, calm anxiety and awaken intuition ~ infused with essentials of lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood to bring peace. Close with massage on the face and scalp featuring our signature products handcrafted with virgin cocoa and peppermint to restore clarity and attain balance in the deep of winter.
Jute Brush • Warm Oil Dream Massage with Artemisia • Acupressure • Face & Scalp Therapy


Dream Body Oil


4 fl oz • 23

Dream is a gentle body oil designed to enhance mental clarity while restoring moisture. Jojoba and rosehip seed deeply nurture skin. The spiritual guides of artemisia and chamomile support rest. Use as your daily moisturizer, a bath oil, a sleep aid, aromatherapy and an anointing oil. Inspired by Ayurveda & handcrafted in small batches by healers and herbalists in Northern California.